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With FCP, $35 Goes a Long Way!

FCP offers a broad range of benefits.  Last year, we surveyed members and the following benefits were rated as the most popular:

1)      Webinars (with continuing education credits)       
2)      Quarterly Newsletter (Tastings)                               
3)      Recorded webinars available on the website                     
4)      Monthly E-Newsletter (On the Menu)         
5)      Website (                    
      6)   Continuing Education Offerings in the Newsletter             
      7)   FNCE® Events (Events are sponsored in conjunction with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™)                                                                
      8)    FNCE® Culinary/Education Workshop (Culinary events – often hands-on cooking classes are sponsored prior to the start)               
      9)   FNCE® – Industry/Other Tour (We often take advantage of the unique culinary offerings of the host city for the Academy’s annual conference.  Tours are a big part of the conference weekend.                             
    10)   Culinary Workshops
(We have held several national and regional workshops involving presentations and training by chefs, cookbook authors, and other culinary experts. Workshops include both lectures and hands-on components.     
    11)   Electronic Mailing Lists  (We have electronic mailing lists for the full membership, mentors, as well as lists for RD’s interested in Supermarket practice, Food Safety, and Restaurants/Retail).                                      

In addition, our member benefits include discounted rates for International educational travel!

 Not eligible for Academy membership?  We'd love to have you join as a FCP Friend member!

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