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 Welcome to the Food and Culinary Professionals Dietetic Practice Group.  Our membership is made up of a dynamic group of over 2,400 food and nutrition experts working in all areas of dietetics and beyond.  

Academy membership dues renewal deadline is May 31!  Please don't forget to renew your FCP membership.  If you're thinking about joining, our annual dues of $35.00 provide numerous member benefits and the opportunity to earn over 12 hours of free(!) continuing professional education units throughout the year.  The 2019-20 program will include are always sold-out Culinary Workshop in March 2020, so be sure to continue your FCP DPG membership and invite a colleague to join, too.

My year as Chair has come to an end and it has truly been an honor. I would like to thank our executive committee members for their passion and generosity with their time. It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to make FCP programming happen and we couldn’t do it without these exceptional individuals. I would also like to thank our executive director Barbara Pyper, MS, RD, SNS, FAND, and her team members Jan Oliver, RD, and Cara Nichols, RDN, for the magic they work to keep us running smoothly. Thank you!

Stay connected with FCP DPG on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to as we transition into our new fiscal year in June. We’ll keep you updated on our webinars, FNCE® events, and more through the summer and into fall. 

Garrett Berdan, RDN

Learn more about FCP! - Watch our 2018 member orientation webinar!

Mission Statement: 
Empower members to be the nation’s food, culinary and nutrition leaders.

FCP's Vision:
Optimizing the nation's health through food and nutrition.

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